A sport for lawyers

More and more law firms have sectors dedicated to sport business, among them the Italian Bergs & More, whose manager was awarded by Top Legal Industry Awards
Published on 10 January 2022 – Updated on 10 January 2022 at 6:01 pm by Redazione

In professional sport, the management of aspects related to contracts, sponsorships, the organization of events, public relations, merchandising and image and television rights – just to mention the most macroscopic aspects and which by now fans know quite well almost how much the results of the competitions and the performances of the athletes have assumed a relevance that is, if considered in aggregate form, superior to the technical and competitive aspect.

Among these is the dynamic – and very Italian, despite its name – the law firm Bergs & More. Headquarters in Padua and international projection, ranging from Germany to East Africa, passing through the emirates of the Gulf.

Through its direct presence in numerous international scenarios, Bergs & More offers legal and strategic advice to all stakeholders in the world of sport, including federations, leagues, associations, companies, athletes and sponsors. The possibility of connecting the various players in the sports field, due to Bergs & More’s experience also in other strategic sectors, represents a real plus in a world that requires a global and multidisciplinary approach.

The Bergs & More Team also provides its assistance in activities aimed at organizing sporting events, sponsorships, merchandising and public relations, with particular attention paid to the most popular disciplines worldwide: football, motorsport, Formula 1, golf. , tennis and cycling.

Leading the sports sector of Bergs & More Riccardo Giacomin (pictured), partner of the Firm, a lawyer specializing in sports law and with a long-standing experience in consulting for federations, event organizers, teams and individual professional athletes, assisting them at 360 °, from corporate law, to commercial law, to the resolution of disputes.

The excellent work carried out by Giacomin in the field of sports consultancy was awarded this year with the award “Professional of the year – Sports sector” by the prestigious Top Legal Industry Awards.

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