Africa needs to create added value, to revise its supply chains

‘Africa needs to create added value, to revise its supply chains, in a word, to internationalise and build a new path by pivoting first of all on the Continental Free Trade Area, Afcfta, and the Special Economic Zones that can prove to be the real game changer’. This was underlined by #Eugenio_Bettella in his speech at the opening conference of the North African Arbitration Days organised in Tunis by the International Court of Arbitration (ICC).

‘The aim of these meetings is to start laying the foundations of a path that implies a profound revolution: the African continent must equip itself with a series of tools to unlock its development. One of these tools is certainly the Special Economic Zones, which represent a kind of accelerator. The ultimate goal is to progressively align all countries with shared standards and norms, so as to foster greater growth in trade and the production hubs themselves, avoiding dependence on the export of unprocessed raw materials and instead allowing for the creation of the local added value that is capable of bringing development’.

Riccardo Giacomin

Patrizia Diacci