Nairobi, KENYA
Regional Office

Kenya is one of the fastest growing economies in the Sub -Saharan Africa, coming third after South Africa and Nigeria. Its political stability and the consolidated presence of international organizations have made Kenya a regional hub, boosting the level of foreign investments in the area in several sectors.

A world class hard infrastructure basement and a consistent energy production, mainly from green sources, allow

Kenyan industry to develop and prosper. Kenya is well placed as a strategic gate way to several countries within the East African Community, covering a potential market of 400 million people.

Moreover, the potential benefit to enter these markets today is amplified by the willingness of African leaders to lower inter -continental trade barriers and to implement a system to promote human mobility and trade called the African Continental Free Trade Area.

There is no industry which cannot find a solid ground and development within the region, from energy, to raw materials, agriproducts, goods and services, or infrastructure.